San Francisco Helps!
 is a small group of volunteers
dedicated to helping the low-income
community in San Francisco.

San Francisco Helps!
Resource Guide

Daily Meal Chart

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Together we can make a real difference!

San Francisco Helps!
Resource Guide

Third edition
  compiled by S.D. Dennis

 The award-winning 2009 San Francisco Helps! Resource Guide and Daily Meals Chart are available now!  Download yours today and join us in helping people find daily meals and other important resources.  

Please watch this television interview:  San Francisco Helps!

  This is the handy resource guide that includes proven current information about where people can go to find food, clothing, shelter, medical care, treatment programs, employment, emergency help, and more.  It is utilized by city and county departments, nonprofit agencies and churches.  It is the lowest-cost way to help people find supplies and services they need.

  Our goal is to provide every point of contact with the full range of resources which are easily available to those in need.  Each church and hotel and caregiver will be able to quickly direct people to those who can help meet their needs.  Many people in the low-income community want to better their lives.  We have seen it happen!  We have collected the best information available to assist them in making the right decisions which can lead to a brighter future.  With your help their lives can be changed for the better. 

  The booklet's debut in has been greeted with enthusiasm by caregivers and advocates as well as by churches and the poor.  The city supervisors awarded the booklet a Certificate of Honor.  The Alliance for a Better District 6 and the Tenant Associations Coalition gave awards to the booklet for Excellence.  

  We have heard from many city and county agencies which are utilizing this booklet in their training and to hand out to clients, including the SF Police and the Sheriff's offices.  The public library and the State Employment Development Division have expressed interest in distributing the booklet.

$25.00 buys 100 Booklets for us to distribute to those in need.